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What clients say

One of the best coach, consultant and trainer!!

We organized his session on Product Culture twice for different level resources and both the batches were successful.

Deep knowledge, high energy levels and approachable ... that's what makes Shrinath the first choice !!

Vaibhav Bhalde

Quality CoE & Technical Training Head, Volkswagen IT Services

Honestly, I always thought of Product Management as a difficult discipline of making Science, Engineering and Art meet and more of the later driving the other two. That is only until I met Shrinath and attended his brilliant workshop on Product Management.

Refreshingly a very different style of engaging the class with practical drill rather than just theory!

Hands on, meticulously planned practical sessions combined with instant feedback and engagement. Shrinath’s style of coaching didn’t leave anyone with any ambiguity throughout the program. Ideation till GTM, I bet you will come out with something solid!

I strongly recommend anyone who wants to deep dive in Product Management to engage with Shrinath.

Radhakrishnan Rajagopalan

Global Head - Customer Success, Data & Cognitive, MindTree

Very rarely you come across mentors who have this uncanny ability to keep you grounded with reality while at the same time can energize you to chase bigger goals, Shrinath has been one such advisor to us.

Since our inception, Shrinath has rendered his well-rounded expertise in Technology, Markets, Product Development and Strategy for our venture.

The first thing you’ll notice about Shrinath is his composure and ability to listen. He is very diligent and will ensure we’ve thought through every outcome before taking on a new task.

He is the perfect mentor you’ll want on your team- the one who knows exactly where you’re headed and will be around to watch your back just when you need him.

Vinoth Kumar

CEO, PaperFlite

Shrinath was a fount of information about the latest marketing trends, competitive stats and creative ways to turn customer conversations into selling opportunities.

He is a talented, hard-working and power-packed trainer and a joy to collaborate with.

Shrinath also had tremendous ideas to develop our product franchise and his training sessions helped us embark onto a journey of exploring newer techniques and craft interesting marketing campaigns.

It is a pleasure to have met him and I highly recommend his sessions.

Aarti Vedamoorthy

Marketing Team Lead, CareerNet Consulting

Shrinath is very meticulous and sensitive. He is very committed and ethical in his dealings a rare combination to find today.

He patiently designed planned and volunteered to do our website and also helped us to reach out to a few good contacts.

I always wish we had more people like Shrinath so easy to work with and so reliable both professionally and personally.

Geeta Ramanujam

Founder, Kathalaya International Academy of Storytelling

Shrinath is dedicated, puts in effort to understand the requirement to design the workshop accordingly.

We had him conduct a series of workshops on Product Management.

He has a strong hold on the subject which successfully creates an impact on the participants. He gets the participants to think through the topic through relevant discussions and exercises.

Nayana Martin

Senior Manager, L&D, CareerNet Technologies

Shrinath comes across as a no-nonsense guy with a flair for technology. His go-getter attitude together with his ethusiasm is infectious to all around him. He is a thorough professional, always in pursuit of learning. His ability to go into details on subjects that interests him enhances his vision of this world in a way different from anybody else.

Manoj Govindan

Head of Engineering, ASEAN Automotive, TE Connectivity

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