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The Better Product Studio conducts targeted in-house (and remote) workshops for your teams using your real-world challenges.

Shrinath talking at Google Developer Fest 2018

We have run product workshops for

Logos of GE Digital, Volkswagen IT Services, Intel, Great Learning and Flipkart

Learning beyond online training & certifications


In a digital-first world today, firms have the option of choosing a standard online training and certification program. If that satisfies your requirements, we recommend you go ahead with that.

Our philosophy is different.

We understand your specific challenges and aspirations and ask teams to bring specific problems or opportunities to the workshop.

We thrash these out to help participants analyze their context differently by looking at the big picture and then zero in on workable approaches.

The workshops benefit from the wide range of consulting projects and exposure we have, as well as a unique outside-in view on how teams operate within organizations.

About the workshops

The workshops are intense, but fun.

Concept introduction, discussions, hands-on practice, case studies – we use all to make them engaging and interactive.

Depending on the need, the workshop can be followed by extended remote coaching so that the techniques learnt can be put into practice.

Many of the workshops span multiple disciplines of work, including:

Problem discovery

Deep contextual analysis of the problem space to zero in on what to solve and why you’re the right firm/team to do this. This is one of the anchor skills we help build.


Guidance on building the right narrative for different audiences. We treat this as an anchor skill, as almost everything depends on how you pitch your efforts.


We’re all selling, some of us just don’t realize it. We cover techniques on how to sell ideas, new innovations, products, or even asks for new investment to the right audience.

Design thinking

We focus on skills that product managers need to do well, like understanding customer context, user persona and customer journey mapping. This is another anchor skill as it is the cornerstone for building customer-centricity – it’s easy to talk about, but very, very tough to do well. And when we’re at it, we look at customers’ customer and the rest of the value chain that we often miss in our calculations.

Design & UX

Many teams struggle in getting the right equation with UX teams. They either throw things over the fence or micro-manage. We explore the world of UX and discuss practical tips on how to work better as a team.

Working with agile

Agile is a concept, but teams treat it as a process. It’s easy to get lost in the cycle of writing user stories because engineering needs them to work. We stop. And look at how we can do better.

Integrating deep tech

Areas like machine learning and IoT can radically transform businesses, but we need to map these capabilities with business goals. Rather than the tech behind these, we focus on how to utilize the power of these in context.

Doing business

Many product teams have a limited view on what happens after a product is delivered. But these aspects are critical for product success. We explore the world of business, marketing, sales, pricing, operations and more.

Platform thinking & APIs

As businesses evolve, they often look at morphing into platforms to serve a wider market. The operating environment, constraints and metrics in this game are very different. We help explore the challenges before committing to the journey.

Workshops for senior leaders cover other aspects like:

Team structure

How to best align your team to achieve objectives

Product leadership

When your team focuses on building and launching, what you should be focusing on.


Setting models in place to preempt problems and for risk mitigation.

Our workshops

Strategic product thinking

A comprehensive guided masterclass that covers all aspects of strategic product thinking starting from problem discovery and ideation to product development and design, product strategy, pricing, go-to-market till winning early customers.

This is a high-intensity workshop for existing product teams looking to do better. It pushes teams to think about the whole product journey and discover better ways of working.


Who it is for

  • Product teams looking to build break-out products
  • Startup teams
Better Product Leadership

Product teams need the right culture, organization structure and ways-of-working with other disciplines. This program guides senior leaders on building the right enablers and culture for product teams. The structure is dialectic and discusses practical scenarios facing teams.


Who it is for

  • Senior leadership
Better Product Business

Some product teams have the right discovery and engineering skills to build the right product but struggle with go-to-market.

Better Product Business is a consultative program that helps teams explore the world of buyers, build the right positioning, pricing models, marketing and in working with digital marketing and sales to improve business.

Who it is for

  • Product firms
  • Startups
Better Product Discovery

Successful products start with a great understanding of the core problem being addressed. Structured problem discovery significantly increases chances of customer adoption.

Better Product Discovery takes product managers and teams through a guided journey of discovering root problems and producing actionable product ideas.

Who it is for

  • Teams building new products or versions
  • Startups
Productizing services

Productizing services helps teams explore the product mindset.

If your firm is productizing services, the workshop provides actionable tools and ideas to improve the transition from services to products.

We explore areas like problem analysis, product thinking vs. project thinking, moving beyond T&M thinking, business analyst transition challenges, org. structure support required and more using case studies and live examples.

Who it is for

  • IT services firms
  • Internal IT teams within product firms
Building for the Next Billion Users

The Next Billion Users is an umbrella term for users who are getting online for the first time and are often underprivileged. These users have very different constraints and needs.

This consultative program draws from deep experience in having built products for the segment.

It helps firms understand the Next Billion Users segment and build the right products and features.

Product management for AI/ML

Many firms admit that they are looking at machine learning to give them a boost. But they often lack a clear idea on how ML can solve their business problem.

This consultative program ditches tech jargon and helps think through ML adoption and usage from business, users’, workflows & marketing perspectives. The program draws from years of experience in building, marketing and selling ML solutions, and from mentoring ML startups across multiple verticals.

Practical Design Thinking

Design thinking to help achieve business objectives. This consultative program takes teams through customer journey mapping, ideation, concept building and more. Low on jargon, high on action. Recommended if you’re getting started with digital transformation or applying design thinking to solve specific problems.

Shrinath talking at a workshop
With participants at ChiuXiD workshop at Jakarta

About the facilitator

Workshops are conducted by Shrinath V, the founder of The Better Product Studio.

Shrinath has over a decade of product management and leadership experience with firms like Texas Instruments, Motorola, MapmyIndia and Nokia. He has been an independent product coach and consultant for the last 8 years.

Shrinath was recognized as a Google Developer Expert (Product Strategy) from 2016 to 2019. He has mentored startups across multiple countries as part of the Google for Startups Accelerator Program.

Depending on the requirements of the workshops, we also bring in experts from domains like UX & marketing to conduct parts of the sessions.

Shrinath delivering keynote address

Keynotes for senior leadership teams

We also do (in person or remote) keynote speaker sessions to help your leadership get the big picture view of what it takes to succeed in building a customer-centric culture.


Coaching (remote & in-person)

A keynote or a workshop may not be enough. Sometimes, product teams need more guidance on changing tack.

We work closely with executive leadership on helping their teams look at problems afresh, and build customer centered, evidence-based ways of working to solve these. In other words, help them see why they should do something and what they could do, so they can work on the how parts better.

We also work with leaders on how they could implement processes better, build incentives for the right culture, and improve effectiveness of their teams.

We support teams through remote or on-site coaching.



Honestly, I always thought of Product Management as a difficult discipline of making Science, Engineering and Art meet and more of the later driving the other two. That is only until I met Shrinath and attended his brilliant workshop on Product Management.

Refreshingly a very different style of engaging the class with practical drill rather than just theory!

Hands on, meticulously planned practical sessions combined with instant feedback and engagement. Shrinath’s style of coaching didn’t leave anyone with any ambiguity throughout the program. Ideation till GTM, I bet you will come out with something your own solid!

I strongly recommend anyone who wants to deep dive in Product Management to engage with Shrinath

Radhakrishnan Rajagopalan

Global Head - Customer Success, Data & Cognitive, MindTree

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