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Technology and business models are changing constantly. It’s difficult for business leaders to keep track of market shifts, understand impact on business and plan product and go-to-market strategies.

We help firms do product discovery and map the right product strategy and go-to-market strategies for this.

Our experience spans B2B and B2C domains

Areas we work in

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Most product strategy engagements take a couple of discussions to arrive at what needs to be done, and we’re happy to talk.

Problem discovery

Most teams start with an assumption that they know the problem they’re solving. They start building the solution.

Some realize belatedly that many of the core assumptions around the problem don’t hold. They then spend time looking at adapting the solution to the problem, or undertaking costly pivots.

We help minimize the chances of this by undertaking a structured problem discovery process. This helps minimize the opportunity costs of the process by highlighting big dependencies early on. Teams can then have a more targeted product strategy to deal with the problem at hand.

Product strategy

Good product strategy should:

  • Have a reasonable idea of what is required in the future
  • Be flexible enough to accommodate large shifts, but be able to do so without significant pivots in what the team is planning to build
  • Be definite enough for product owners & engineering managers to plan immediate releases with confidence, or put otherwise, balance current and future needs

There are contradictions here that need balance.

Good product strategy takes into consideration that different stakeholders have differing objectives, which may sometimes be in conflict. It understands that there is a lot more than building the best engineered product – storytelling, value communication, business models, design, support, etc. – in short, the entire product experience is what matters to customers.

We help craft effective product strategy for clients by focussing on various aspects of what makes products successful.

Product building process

Wait. Process? Yes. Process isn’t a bad concept, but it’s usually badly implemented. Startups needs (simpler) processes which keeps them agile but functional. Growth stage firms & large enterprises need others. We help rethink the product building & go-to-market processes to see how we balance agility and stability.

Customer journey mapping

Every firm wants to be customer centric, but it’s often hard to keep track of customers when your teams are separated from them by multiple layers. We help map customer journeys and use these as fuel for your product decisions.

Go to market strategy

Many firms rush to run digital marketing without thinking through their core messaging.

We use storytelling techniques to uncover core value proposition for different target segments and build product marketing messages around this.

Based on these, we help plan the go-to-market strategy to win clients.

Machine learning & IoT

It takes a lot more than ‘just throwing some ML at problems’ to see results. We help scope out workflows and understand impact of ML & IoT in your business strategy.

Productizing services

Many firms have aspirations of productizing an existing service. After all, a few initial customers see value in this. Why not create a product and increase our market reach.

There are multiple factors that stand in the way. The productization journey needs a rethink of how other parts of the firm are structured, and how they should enable the journey.

We help understand if there is merit in undertaking productization of services, and how to plan the journey

Case studies from our work

Problem discovery in the renewable energy space

In an earlier project, a client had built a machine learning platform for renewable energy that was built for one customer. They were looking to productize this and take it to more clients.

What was required was a deep understanding of the market, customers, needs to understand the business value.

Our work included deep market research for problem discovery (including speaking to various stakeholders like financiers, renewable park operators, regulators, etc.) to test value for different stakeholders, ideate on product direction and forge the value proposition.

The work done helped the clients win clients running parks across 4 continents.

ML in renewable energy
Socio-economic research

Helped a socio-economic research firm build a suite of digital products

In an earlier project, a leading socio-economic research firm approached our founder to help plan their digital product journey. They had built a unique methodology to estimate socio-economic data on a 1 sq km basis – elements like demographic data, income spread, age spread, etc.

The project involved deep location based analysis for use cases like catchment for stores, digital advertising, stock estimations and more.

Activities during the project included understanding various market applications, helping recruit a team to build a series of digital offerings using Tableau, working on an API strategy and creating the right marketing material.

The project led to a successful acquisition of the firm by a global research firm.


Shrinath - Google Developer Expert

Shrinath V, founder of The Better Product Studio was recognized as a Google Developer Expert in Product Strategy (2016-2019).

Google Experts are a global network of experienced product strategists, designers, developers and marketing professionals actively supporting developers, startups and companies changing the world through web and mobile applications.

Google Experts are experienced, recognized developers of Google technologies as well as outstanding professionals in product strategy, UX/UI, marketing, growth hacking and monetization.

About our  strategy consulting

The Better Product Studio is a unique product management consulting firm with experience in building, marketing and coaching across B2B and B2C domains.

Strategy for us is not a deck of slides, but really figuring out the various factors that may affect your product – market trends, consumer shifts, product design, your portfolio, competition, business models, pricing, marketing, sales, support, and more – and synthesizing data and insights about these into a cohesive direction that betters your chances of success.

We know that product strategy is amongst the most vital aspects of your business, and working on this requires the highest level of confidentiality and prudence.

The Better Product Studio is founded by Shrinath V, a well-known product management consultant and coach. He has worked in, consulted and mentored startups and Fortune 500 firms across multiple industries and growth stages on areas like product strategy, go-to-market plans, business models, sales and marketing. These experiences have helped build a wide set of experiences to draw from.


Honestly, I always thought of Product Management as a difficult discipline of making Science, Engineering and Art meet and more of the later driving the other two. That is only until I met Shrinath and attended his brilliant workshop on Product Management.

Refreshingly a very different style of engaging the class with practical drill rather than just theory!

Hands on, meticulously planned practical sessions combined with instant feedback and engagement. Shrinath’s style of coaching didn’t leave anyone with any ambiguity throughout the program. Ideation till GTM, I bet you will come out with something your own solid!

I strongly recommend anyone who wants to deep dive in Product Management to engage with Shrinath

Radhakrishnan Rajagopalan

Global Head - Customer Success, Data & Cognitive, MindTree

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