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We tuck into different disciplines and bring up solutions that work. Want to use customer journey mapping in your sales pitch? Or behavioral sciences in your IoT design? Or do you want to re-imagine your product entirely? Sure, we’re game.

Our experience spans B2B and B2C domains

Areas we work in

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User insights

We study your users in context and help define human-centered product experiences that address their real needs.


We look closely at the world of buyers and stakeholders and help you build relevant and memorable sales pitches for them.

Product design & UX

We bring both marketing and design insights together to help you craft winning user experiences for your product.

Integrating deep tech

You’ve decided to use machine learning and/or IoT in your product/solution. And now you want to getting things operational.

We help you work through digital transformation journeys – storytelling, marketing, design, sales – everything beyond tech that goes into making things successful.

Customer centric experiences

Every firm wants to be customer centric, but it’s often hard to keep track of customers when your teams are separated from them by multiple layers.

We help map customer journeys and use these as fuel for your product design.

Case studies


Product design & investor pitch deck for a smart switch startup

A Silicon Valley based startup had designed a smart switch prototype, and were looking to build a good user experience and an investor pitch to raise money.

We helped deep dive into the target market, understand core needs and come up with the UX for a companion app for the smart switch along with potential 3rd party integrations.

As part of fundraising, we explored crowdfunding options and the investment requirements for them.

We helped put an investor pitch deck for the complete product package.

Due to a change in priorities, the startup did not end up launching the product or raising investments for the same.


Smart switch design

Customer journey mapping to help win a deal with an automotive major


Customer journey mapping is seen as a tool for product design. But we thought different and used it to help close an important sales deal.

In an earlier project, a San Francisco based client who had a leading Customer Experience solution was looking to enter the Indian market. We identified automotive as a key vertical for them.

Our challenge was to help them win their first client whom they could showcase to win others. A little research showed that a key challenge the auto industry faced was in improving customer experience during the sales process, and in increasing stickiness during the servicing process. Both of these would help increase revenues of dealerships as well as improve brand value.

We wanted to bring in an element of surprise into our sales pitch. To get started, we did mystery shopping, customer tracing and secondary research to build user persona for the prospective client. We then built a customer journey where the prospect could handle their clients better using our product.

The pitch helped our client win their first major customer in the geography.

Shrinath - Google Developer Expert

Shrinath V, founder of The Better Product Studio was recognized as a Google Developer Expert in Product Strategy (2016-2019).

Google Experts are a global network of experienced product strategists, designers, developers and marketing professionals actively supporting developers, startups and companies changing the world through web and mobile applications.

Google Experts are experienced, recognized developers of Google technologies as well as outstanding professionals in product strategy, UX/UI, marketing, growth hacking and monetization.

About the studio

Today, more than ever, building product businesses requires a greater understanding of context and how different pieces fit together.

Without a wider understanding, initiatives like innovation drives, refreshed product design, fresh sales pitches or business models, or even organization restructuring fail to deliver as they do not factor in how other aspects of business affect the perception, utility & impact of the initiative.

The Better Product Studio is a unique product management consulting firm with experience in building, marketing and coaching across B2B and B2C domains.

The Studio was set up to bring a larger contextual awareness to initiatives within organizations. While designing a storyline, product or experience, we explore the context the initiative is launched in, and what other aspects need to kick-in for this to thrive.

We also understand how elements like innovation, design and marketing work differently across startups and established firms. We know the factors affecting B2C and B2B are very different. All these help shape our efforts.

For Studio projects, we bring a network of talented, trustworthy experts to design or build for specific problems. These could range from product design, innovation, sales pitches, marketing messages or even business model design. We help anchor these initiatives for clients and drive towards an agreed outcome.


Honestly, I always thought of Product Management as a difficult discipline of making Science, Engineering and Art meet and more of the later driving the other two. That is only until I met Shrinath and attended his brilliant workshop on Product Management.

Refreshingly a very different style of engaging the class with practical drill rather than just theory!

Hands on, meticulously planned practical sessions combined with instant feedback and engagement. Shrinath’s style of coaching didn’t leave anyone with any ambiguity throughout the program. Ideation till GTM, I bet you will come out with something your own solid!

I strongly recommend anyone who wants to deep dive in Product Management to engage with Shrinath

Radhakrishnan Rajagopalan

Global Head - Customer Success, Data & Cognitive, MindTree

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