‘Disruption’ sounds good in a fundraising pitch, not in a B2B sales pitch.


Because prospects see it as a threat.

Disruption signals that the firm may have to change strategies against its will. This is a message it wouldn’t like to hear. Second, there may be a credibility gap that makes you sound naive or arrogant, unless you can show experience in the field or clients amongst/backing from big names.

Firms, like individuals, are creatures of habit. By pitching your product or solution as ‘disruptive’ you are signalling that the firm has to make large changes in the existing way of doing things, and implementation risks may be high (a lot not related to products, but to roll-out & acceptance). Decision-makers have to consider if teams will adapt to the new way of working grudgingly, or whether there will be a passive-aggressive backlash.

The smarter way is to soften the message – show how the product will enhance business before you show what needs to change.

Also, invest in marketing as a means to educate customers so they are aware of the shift potential and impact before you begin your sales pitch.

Getting the right messaging for products is critical. As a startup, please don’t ignore this.