Notes on product management

First mover disadvantage

First movers have a disadvantage. They have to create a market. This involves educating customers which has its own costs.

Technology is not the answer

We mistakenly believe technology is the answer to user problems. It is not. Users often don’t care about the tech that goes behind solutions.

Hiring a product manager

How much domain knowledge does a product manager need? This becomes a critical question during hiring. Do you wait for someone with the right domain knowledge? Or do you pick someone who can learn on the go? If you're in a new domain, it may be difficult to find PMs...

Don’t quote Steve Jobs. Instead, do customer research

User research involves a deep understanding of their lives, context, constraints, needs & worldview. This takes time, patience & a lot of skill to do right. It’s an investment, but one that pays rich dividends. Please don’t ignore user research if you want the odds in your favour.

Let’s talk about MVPs

MVP is part of the discovery process and is not part of the delivery. MVPs should be used to test hypothesis quickly with early majority clients, and are by nature experimental.