Where does the ‘customer journey’ begin?

The answer has more to do with how the firm is structured than in theory.

In many startups, marketing & product work together to drive conversions.

But in others, marketing teams work on optimizing keywords, building ad campaigns & landing pages to drive traffic to a landing page or to the app store. Product teams take on from there. Product teams ‘own’ the user once they start using the app/service, looking at drop-offs in the journey, feature usage and conversions.

But they fail to realize that there is a dead zone in between these phases. Users may come to the landing page but drop off if they have to download an app or sign-up/share details to use the service. Many download the app but often forget about it as the install process takes time. Others sign-up but drop off after a cursory look at the home page. These users are ‘lost’ in the dead zone.

A lot of this seems elementary, but it’s surprising how many firms struggle with the dead zone. A good start is by blending some of the metrics for marketing & product onboarding to coax teams to work together. And maybe have marketing & product teams talk more often. Regular conversation can make a world of difference to your teams’ metrics.